About Us

Reality Deviant is a multi gaming social guild,we support everything from FPS, MMO's, RPG and RTS.

This introduction is taken from the mmo section a proper introduction is being worked on.

Guild focus

Casual, Crafting, Harvesting, PVP, Raid and Roleplay But our main focus will be PVP.

The Mission

Reality Deviant is to provide the gaming community with a guild/clan that supports all the varied interests of people within its own social community. We will continue to recruit like minded individuals and provide a structure to foster comrade and entertainment. We will continue to deviate from the reality of most gaming guilds/clans's. We will continue to spread the message of the deviation.

Do you have to be a roleplayer

We are a roleplaying guild but you don't have to be roleplayer to join if you just want to pve pvp thats fine by us.

What Region Does Reality Deviant Belong To

Deviants are worldwide we dont belong to one area the whole world is our playground.

Are we looking for members

Yes we are looking for new members.

What do you use for communication

Ventrilo is up and running, we also use Irc there is always some on there, if you need to contact us : Server: irc.replayirc.com - Channel: #RealityDeviant , if you dont know how to connect pm me and ill walk you trough it, we also use steam to stay in touch with our members but most of all we use our forums.


Reality Deviant is a roleplaying guild which plays both player versus player(PvP) and Player vs Enviroment(PvE). As a member of Reality Deviant you are free to chose what you want to do when you play games with us. Although Roleplay is recommended it is not mandatory.

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