The New Website is Live!
July 19, 2010

After such a long wait, it's finally here! A complete website has been made and now only filling it up is left.

Many more news to come in the next few weeks. Lot's of things are happening right now and we are seeing a lot of game launch as well in March.

Make sure to also join our forum and register! If you want to apply to become part of Reality Deviant then click on Join Us and you will be redirected to the application form. Note that you need a forum account before you can do the application form. We looking forward to see you on our forums

This guild has grown into IRC community where we hang out and chat also plan gaming and other stuff if you are interested in joining us on IRC here is guide how to do so since you probable haven't registered on our forums ill give you link to site that is open to all IRC Guide.

We believe reality is simply one option. We offer... a different truth. We offer... contingency. We offer... DEVIATION!

The Reality Deviants

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